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Superyacht Insurance Programme

The Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses provide increased coverage and additional benefits while maintaining the famous clarity and certainty of Pantaenius products regarding valuation.

Some of our benefits


Agreed Fixed Value

Pantaenius is able to offer an Agreed Fixed Value which is not subject to the vessel’s market value and insurers are not able to penalise the owner for over-insuring or under-insuring the yacht.


Strong financial security

Strong financial security and resilience by using pools of underwriters with an S&P rating of A or above


24/7 Service

Our in-house claims service is available 24 hours a day and available in case of emergency 365 days a year


Cover for wear and tear

Loss or damage arising from wear and tear is covered under our Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses (excluding the worn part itself)


Bespoke All Risks wording

Bespoke All Risks wording specifically designed for Superyachts with no hidden warranties


Additional property cover

Some of the highest limits in the market for additional property cover, e.g. ship's cash, fine arts.

Today, over 100,000 yacht owners put their trust in our family-owned Company.

The Pantaenius Superyacht Programme

Hull & Machinery and Increased Value


Our Hull Insurance provided in the unique Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses, covers damage to the vessel, its components and the Yacht's equipment. This even includes cases where you, as the insured, accidentally cause the damage yourself. The Pantaenius Superyacht Clauses offer cover which is broader than the American Yacht Form, with additional cover, edited in plain English with straightforward customer-friendly definitions in order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive cover available on the market.

Pantaenius can agree with you on a fixed value, based on the new replacement value of the yacht. This Agreed Fixed Value is deemed conclusive proof of the insured value of the Yacht for the purposes of the policy and will be reimbursed without deduction in the event of a total loss. In addition, the policy covers consequential damage to the Yacht resulting from wear and tear, corrosion or gradual deterioration (only the failed part is excluded) and unlike other policies that are available in the market,  there is no exclusion at all for damage to the Yacht resulting from latent defect.

War, Strikes & Political Acts Insurance


This Policy covers loss of or damage to the Yacht specifically excluded under the Hull & Machinery policy such as those caused by:

  • strikers
  • locked out workmen or persons taking part in labour disturbances
  • riots or civil commotions, war, civil war, revolution
  • capture, seizure, arrest or detainment
  • terrorist or any person acting from a political motive
  • confiscation, appropriation
  • derelict mines, torpedoes bombs or other derelict weapons of war



Third Party Liability Insurance


The Pantaenius Yacht Third Party Liability Insurance covers the owner, guests and crew if held liable for having caused loss, damage, illness, injury or death to third parties, in conjunction with the use and ownership of the vessel.

This insurance particularly includes: legal liability arising out of the ownership or use of tenders, water sports and/or diving equipment used in connection with the vessel.

Owners Liability to paid crew


Many countries require insurance for owners who employ paid crew on their vessels. With Pantaenius, you are insured against liability claims resulting from your "Duty of Care" as an employer and, where applicable, you are also covered for liabilities arising under the Maritime Labour Convention 2016 (MLC 2016).

P&I (Protection and Indemnity)


This insurance offers extended Liability cover for marine liabilities incurred by the owner, his guests and crew, in direct connection with the operation of the yacht. Also included, but not limited to, are liabilities towards the paid crew, collision, pollution, damage to fixed and floating objects or property and pecuniary damages. Where applicable, you are also covered for liabilities arising under the Maritime Labor Convention 2016 (MLC 2016).

Oil Pollution and Wreck Removal


We are happy to assist our customers who operate yachts greater than 300 gross tons with all certificates of insurance or financial security as required by the U.S. Coast Guard under the U.S. Oil Pollution Act or the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks.

Pre-delivery Liability


A Pre-delivery liability policy provides liability cover for employees, liabilities to contractors and liability of employees to others, as well as the owner’s contractual liabilities and use of tenders prior to delivery.

Personal Accident Insurance


Responsible yachtsmen will never expose a vessel and the people on board to an unnecessary danger. Unfortunately though, we all know that there are far worse scenarios imaginable than a ruined teak deck or a broken mast.

The financial repercussions from accidents resulting in death or permanent disability should therefore not be overlooked. Pantaenius Personal Accident Insurance covers you as the owner, your family and your guests. 

Crew Insurance


Pantaenius offers a comprehensive range of insurance solutions for yacht owners who employ crew. Crew Medical Insurance and Crew Accident Insurance can be chosen individually, but it is always recommended to take out both.

The Pantaenius Yacht Crew Medical Insurance covers treatment costs for a paid crew in the event of illness or accident. You can easily place and terminate coverage for your paid crew members without having to fill out any lengthy forms. We also do not require any information on chronic or pre-existing conditions as these are covered automatically. Optional loss of income protection is also available where required.

The Pantaenius Yacht Crew Accident Insurance covers financial repercussions of permanent disability or death. It applies to accidents at work and off duty, whether on board or ashore. Just like the Crew Medical Insurance it is valid 24/7. For captains we recommend higher limits of coverage due to the length of their career or financial exposure.

Builder's Risks


Building a yacht is a big and, above all, costly project. As each phase of construction is completed, the owner's degree of ownership increases, but so does his risk. Shipyards often limit their contractual liability, meaning that a loss usually affects the future owner directly. In addition, shipyards are often pushed to their financial limits in the event of major losses.

Pantaenius Builder's Risks Insurance protects you from financial exposure at each phase of construction.

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